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Please see the Blinder Compact HP-905.


The most sophisticated laser system available on the market. Introducing the AL G9 - Patent-pending multi-purpose laser-based parking sensor, driveway light activator and more!

The G9 RX is a multi-purpose laser system with several key features which will be useful to you as a driver. The main feature being a parking sensor that helps you avoid costly parking incidents. Designed using parts fabricated to military standards, it uses a laser diode working on 905nm light frequency - the same as military range-finders and police speed detector lasers.

As a parking sensor the G9 RX constantly emits a laser signal. If the signal is reflected by an obstacle, it warns the driver. Thanks to the advanced program code the G9 can differentiate laser signals coming from other sources.

If an external laser signal is detected the G9 RX will alert the user and deflect the interference. If the interference remains present the AL G9 RX will reset within a few seconds.

Designed to keep you and your vehicle safe from all sorts of laser-based threats, another feature of the AL G9 RX is that it actively detects all incoming laser pulses emitted from speed-detection devices such as laser speed guns. Once an incoming pulse is detected the G9 RX will give an LED visual or audio warning to the driver.

The G9 RX can become a driveway light activator and/or garage door opener by using an optional AL Driveway Unit.

Control Box

The central control unit and the brain of the AL G9 RX. Inside there is a high performance RISC CPU, upgradeable flash memory and complex power supply unit. Up to 4 sensors can be connected to it.

The G9 RX is fully software upgradable. Using a PC or laptop the control box can be upgraded free of charge when new software releases are made available.

Wiring Kit

Connects to the Control Box and presents the driver with an on-off switch, a speaker, two colour LEDs, a programming key button and mute wire for the car stereo.


  • Effective against all police laser guns & 100% legal parking sensor
  • High-power jamming performance with wide angle detection
  • Covers all laser guns in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia
  • State-of-the-art Laser Interference Defense (LID) - auto shut-off in 4 to 8 seconds
  • LID Auto-Shutdown - prevents unintentional jam-to-gun and police hassle
  • Smallest sensor head on the market
  • Parking / Jamming / optional Driveway Modes
  • Exceptional High Detection Performance
  • Control box connects up to 4 sensor heads
  • Easy installation, Fully Waterproof
  • Software updateable
  • Built-in self-test at power up
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty

Product Options
  AL G9 RX - Single sensor
Comes with one laser sensor
  AL G9 RX - Dual sensor
Comes with two laser sensors