Bel 966 Radar Detector

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Please see the Bel RX45.

Inbuilt Radar Detector

Bel have always been the most respected name in the field of radar detection and justifiably so, their Bel 966 is the very best in in-built radar detection. There is an optional laser detector but the Bel 966 has made a name for itself as the out and out winner of many radar detector reviews.

Bel 966 radar detector.

Bel 966 For Car


Bel 966 For Bike


Optional Laser Detector


Beltronics Target 966 Radar Detector

Technical Specifications

  • New detector especially developed for European users.
  • Radar detector consisting of some components for constant installation and separate display inside the cockpit for discreet warnings.
  • Separate Radar scanner for discreet positioning in car’s front.
  • Separate display for your preferred position inside the cockpit.
  • City / Highway mode.
  • Different display and acoustic warnings for radar and laser.
  • Automatic / manual mute-function.
  • Volume control.
  • High density dot-display.
  • Total tracking (optional) laser.
  • Digital signal processing and digital signal strength meter.
  • 360° radar and (optional) laser detection.
  • Ku-Band: 13.450 Ghz.
  • K-Band: 24.125, 24.150 GHz.
  • Ka-Band: 34.000, 34.300, 34.700 GHz.
  • Super-Ka: 33,4 - 36,0 Ghz.
  • Microstrip mixer.
  • Undetectable by VG-2.
  • Fundamental mixer technology for increased detection range.
  • Ultra low noise oscillator for fewer false alerts.
  • Quartz resonator for increased frequency detection.
  • Dim and dark mode for display.
  • Self test function when getting started.
  • Memory-function to save preferred settings.
  • Instruction manual.