Bel 990i radar and laser detector

Sorry, this product is no longer available.

Until recently the top of the line of Beltronics dashboard mounted radar detectors the Bel 990 has now been replaced by the updated and improved Bel Target Euro 550 - including extra features for European drivers.

Bel 990 radar detector.

"The BEL 990 was the clear winner ... all the laser and radar guns were spotted with time to react - its maximum range was longer than the runway."
- EVO Magazine, January 2000

A patent-pending, industry first! Digital PLL Synthesized Oscillator delivers the ultimate in frequency accuracy and low noise oscillator performance under all operating conditions

Patented BEL technology delivers four times the K band sensitivity and 15 times the Ka band sensitivity when compared to harmonic mixer technology used by major competitors.

The "no compromise" solution for the most sensitive X/K/Super Wideband Ka Radar detection today - without sacrificing sensitivity on any portion of critical Super Wideband Ka. (Patent Pending)

All tuning parameters are calibrated against the precision PLL frequency synthesizer to provide complete, accurate, and programmable coverage of ALL radar bands.
An improved, second generation in undetectability. Only Shadow Technology II provides complete immunity to the Interceptor VG-2 or any Radar Detector Detector.
Identifies Laser signals beneath the "noise" threshold for extended detection range and early warning.

Twin Laser ports with front and rear detection diodes capture diffused energy far outside the main laser beam. This insures superior off-axis coverage and the widest "field-of-view" for 360° protection.

BEL's Advanced Protection SystemTM with Shadow Technology® II incorporates the first use of Flash Microcontroller technology in a Radar/Laser Detector. Flash technology provides the capability to reprogram the detector's software as the threat of new Police traffic Radar monitoring technologies, such as Spread Spectrum, emerge.BEL's Advanced Protection SystemTM with Shadow Technology® II provides the highest possible capability to adapt to new types of Police traffic Radar monitoring, which could prove more difficult to detect with conventional detectors.BEL's Advanced Protection SystemTM with Shadow Technology® II is your assurance of having state-of-the art Radar detection capability

Flash technology, together with 12 digital to analogue converters and an 8 channel analogue to digital converter, provides the ultimate in digital control of all detector functions, and the flexibility to provide industry-leading performance - now and into the future.