Blinder M25 X-Treme

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Please see the Blinder M27 and Blinder M47.

Blinder M25 XtremeThe new M25 X-Treme has been designed to offer the fullest protection against all known types of speed enforcement laser, at all distances, in all weather conditions.

Simultaneously, the M25 X-Treme will inform you with audible and visual warnings, giving you the time to react and regulate your driving style and speed if necessary.

The M25 X-Treme can be used on its own or in conjunction with a radar or GPS based device, to form a complete protection system.


  • Compatible with all vehicle types
  • Effective against ALL laser traps
  • Audible and visual warnings
  • Discreet, permanent installation

The Blinder M25 X-Treme uses two out of sight transponder units mounted in the grille area of the vehicle.

One small LED light mounted in the interior of your vehicle is all you’ll see; a miniature speaker for the audible alarm is installed completely out of sight.

Installation can be carried out by any competent auto-electrician, or let us arrange fitting for you.


Blinder’s anti-laser systems have been rated No.1 every year since the company’s formation in 1989, and they continue to offer performance and innovation unrivalled by any other manufacturer.

Based in Denmark, Blinder products are manufactured to the highest European standards and the new M25 X-treme model includes a number of unique innovations.

The M25 X-treme utilises cool-temperature LEDs that ensure long-term operation and reliability and are not subject to laser diode burn-out/overheating, unlike rival products.

The M25 is also software upgradeable, allowing updating of its firmware to address the arrival of new laser enforcement technologies.

The M25 is the only anti-laser device to utilise epoxy filled components - thus minimizing corrosion and moisture damage. The M25 also has replaceable lenses, for easy repair from possible road debris.