Blinder M27 and M47

Sorry, This item has been discontinued
Please see the Blinder Compact HP-905.

The New Standard in Laser Defence Systems.

Blinder M27

  • Laser detector defence
  • Laser parking assist
  • Dual transponders
  • Gate and driveway light activator

Blinder M47

  • Laser detector defence
  • Laser parking assist
  • Quad transponders
  • Gate and driveway light activator
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Blinder M27 and Blinder M47

Introducing the Blinder M27 & M47

The Blinder M27 Xtreme Park Assist and Laser Protection has been created to offer the best protection against all known types of speed enforcement laser, at any distance, in all weather conditions.

This state-of-the-art system with hyper-effective jamming can protect against many different laser guns in almost all conditions without showing jamming codes.

With audible and visual warnings, the M27 gives you time to react and regulate your driving speed and style if necessary.

The Blinder M27 X-Treme uses two transponders mounted out-of-sight in the grille area of the vehicle. One small LED mounted in the interior of the vehicle is all you'll see; a mini speaker for the audio alarm is installed completely out of sight. Installation can be carried out by any competent auto-electrician, or we can arrange fitting for you.

Best of all with its multi-function system, users can select from different modes, such as: parking sensor, garage door opener or jamming modes.

System Updates
For peace of mind, the M27 is upgradeable, allowing updating of its firmware via a USB port on the CPU module - to cope with the arrival of new laser enforcement technologies.

Key Features

  • More powerful platform based on a central processing unit which controls user settings, software updates, and synchronization of all transponders and communications.
  • Effective against ALL laser traps, with improved detection and jamming
  • Laser-based parking Assist
  • Compatible with all vehicle types
  • Audio and visual warnings
  • Discreet, permanent installation
  • Free software downloads from the BLINDER website (Including an e-mail service)

The Blinder Difference

Blinder's anti-laser systems have been rated number one every year since the company was formed in 1989, and they continue to provide performance and innovation unrivalled by any other manufacturer.

Based in Denmark, Blinder manufactures its products to the highest European standards and the M27 X-treme model includes a number of innovations.

The M27 X-treme uses cool-temperature LEDs which ensure long-term operation and reliability and are not subject to laser diode overheating/burn-out, unlike rival products.

The M27 is the only anti-laser device to use epoxy-filled components - minimizing corrosion and water damage. The M27 also has replaceable lenses, for easy repair from possible damage from road debris.

Product Options
  Blinder M-27
Includes: Dual transponders
£349.00 Discontinued
  Blinder M-47
Includes: Quad transponders
£499.99 Discontinued

  Wireless Kit
Engine Pack: 1 x LASERnode transmitter, 1 x jammer connector cable, 1 x easy instal auto power supply with remote keyfob; In-car: 1 x audio warning pod with power cord, 2 x keyfob power remote controller.
  Parking sensor cable for M27
Original Blinder cable with 3 way switch to maintain parking sensor function.