Cheetah M25 Rider

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Please see the Cheetah M27 Rider.

Introducing the brand new Cheetah M25 Rider, powered by Blinder Stealth Technology. This radical new laser protection system specifically designed for motorcycles. Now you can stop missing alerts and start missing tickets!

Using Speedtrap alerts effectively on a motorcycle has always been difficult... until now. The Cheetah M25 Rider provides front and rear Blinder M25 heads for 360 degree laser defence, a dash mounted status LED, a wireless Vizalert helmet receiver so you know your not missing the alerts, a handlebar kill switch so you can safely shut off the M25 Rider and a customised Blinder M25 control box integrated with Cheetah's wireless technology. The install is clean and there are no cables attaching you to the bike. All fully waterproof, robust and easy to fit with no hardwiring into the bike's electrics.

Please note that the Cheetah M25 Rider version operates in exactly the same way, and has the same specifications as Blinder's own M25 version - we do not modify Blinder's electronics in any way whatsoever.

Blinder M25 Laser DenfenceFeatures

  • 2 x Blinder M25 Defence Heads
  • NEW Front AND rear transponders fitted with waterproof connectors
  • NEW Shortened cable lengths on transponder heads (2 metres) make for easier bike installs
  • Cheetah M25 Rider Kill SwitchNEW Modified Blinder control box - waterproof interface box combined with an internal wireless transmitter, waterproof status LED and waterproof connectors
  • Waterproof toggle switch with powder coated handlebar bracket
  • Unique Smart power supply only turns on detectors for as long as the engine is running
  • Easy self install - no messing with your bike's electrics

Cheetah VizalertVizalert helmet display features

  • Discreet visual warning for all laser alerts
  • Wireless - no cables attaching you to the bike
  • Daylight sensitive – automatic dimming at night
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Cheetah VizalertBattery powered – 40+ hours of riding time
  • Motion sensitive – powers up when you move your helmet
  • Automatic shut-down after 10 minutes of no motion
  • Fits all styles of helmet. Full-face / flip-face: the LED display is easily mounted inside the helmet. Open-face / cruiser-style: use the boom arm accessory provided
  • Contoured base plate fits nearly all brands of helmet