Laser Pro Park

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Although this product has been discontinued the recommended alternative is the Target LT400


The Laser Pro Park is a high-end parking sensor which uses lasers to detect obstacles which the driver may not have seen, preventing unnecessary damage to the vehicle or even injury to pedestrians.

The Laser Pro parking sensor is made from high quality parts, the only product on the market to use such high quality lasers and receivers, allowing for the best reception and coverage.


The brighter the surface ahead the better the distance detected, up to 3 metres. For parking in your garage we recommend that you test with different materials for optimum performance.

The Laser Pro Park comes with a buzzer and an LED to alert you of potential obstacles, with the frequency of beeping and flashing increasing the closer you get to an obstacle. The Laser Pro Park's laser works on the licence-free 904nm frequency which is also used by several other products. Nissan's adaptive cruise control system, for example, also uses this frequency to determine the distance in front of the vehicle and deactivate cruise control if the stopping distance is considered too short. To minimise interference from other products the Laser Pro Park is designed to automatically shut down and it will also alert the driver of the potential interference, allowing all products involved to continue working safely.

The Laser Pro Park junction box has two ports, easily allowing you to add an extra sensor if you require sensors on both the front and rear of the vehicle. The junction box also has a USB port allowing the device to be updated quickly and easily if any other laser frequencies are allocated. The kit includes one sensor which can be fitted to either the front or rear of the vehicle, with extra sensors available as an optional accessory below.

Cable Harness
Laser Sensor
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  Wireless Kit
Engine Pack: 1 x LASERnode transmitter, 1 x jammer connector cable, 1 x easy instal auto power supply with remote keyfob; In-car: 1 x audio warning pod with power cord, 2 x keyfob power remote controller.
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  Laser Pro Park Lens
Laser Pro Park Lens