Micro Road Pilot

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Micro Road Pilot

The Micro Road Pilot is the world’s smallest GPS electronic driving aid, the Micro Road Pilot, is now available from the Radar Detector Shop, the country’s premier driver aid and safety technology distributor.

The Micro Road Pilot's is compact, top-value, and easy to use, this essential aid for modern drivers protects lives and preserves licences. Micro Road Pilot accurately tracks a vehicle’s position (using GPS technology) and compares it to the known location of hazards, potential danger zones and speed cameras. Micro RoadPilot deters speeding in such areas, aiding road safety and preserving driving licences.

What’s more the Micro Road Pilot, is totally legal.

Note: devices such as the Micro Road Pilot are termed as "GPS detectors" which use a database held in the memory of the device to reference the devices current position against locations listed in the database and give an appropriate warning when a matching location is listed.

Micro Road Pilot, is a ‘plug-and-go’ product, simply fitted by users. Easily transferred from car-to-car, the compact unit (65 x 50 x 70 mm), fits on an adjustable, dash-top mounted arm. The 1.8 inch (42 mm) screen is housed in a distinctive designer casing finished in stylish all-black, with a clear, backlit display for ultimate clarity at all times. The pocket-sized, detachable screen unit (50 x 50 x 14 mm) can be simply removed when not in use.

Micro Road Pilot uses the same database as its big brother in the Morpheous family of products – RoadPilot – offering drivers with a restricted budget, many of that product’s key benefits at a lower price.

The default setting for the Micro Road Pilot display shows vehicle speed and heading. This automatically switches to the hazard zone or speed camera alert display (when appropriate) showing the local speed limit, actual vehicle speed and proximity to the camera. A small button allows drivers to scroll through several alternative displays, showing range to camera, heading compass, full GPS location data, date/time, total mileage and trip, and setting adjustments.

These visual warnings are supported by an attention-grabbing ‘bleep’ audible warning of the upcoming speed cameras and speed limits.

Key Micro Road Pilot features include:

  • Speed Sensitivity mutes the audible alarm if vehicle is below the speed limit.
  • Auto Ranging adjusts range of first warning, depending on speed.
  • Awareness Beep emits a single beep at start of a collision hotspot area.
  • Heading Sensitivity ignores speed cameras off user’s carriageway.
  • Compact, easy to use, simple to operate and 100% accurate.
  • Alerts drivers of danger zones and accident hot-spots.
  • Alerts drivers to speed camera sites & speed limits.
  • Generates visual and audible alarms.
  • Top value product suits all makes of vehicle.

The database in Micro RoadPilot can be updated in a few minutes, with the locations of new speed cameras, via an industry standard USB interface, using any PC with an internet connection.

Now with laser detector as standard.

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