Morpheous Geodesy Plus

Sorry, this product is no longer available.

Morpheous Geodesy gps speedtrap and radar site warning device, locates gatso and fixed police speedtraps and cameras using global positioning satellite system. The database is downloaded using the stand alone modem supplied so no computer is needed.

Geodesy Plus By Morpheous
The Geodesy is a revolution in speedtrap location, relying on GPS technology
to pinpoint the static speedtraps rather than a Radar signal.

The Standard Geodesy Kit.
The manufacturers Morpheous ® have put together a very comprehensive standard kit.

For a retro upgrade of your standard Geodesy just 49 will get you the Geodesy Plus with extra features.

1. Speed Sensitivity: This allows the Geodesy to remain silent if you are travelling within the speed limit on that road. It will still give a visible warning but will remain quiet and will not flash unless you exceed the speed limit for that road.

2. Auto Ranging: This will decrease the chosen range by 50% when the camera is in a 30mph or less zone, and by 30% in a speed zone between 30mph and 50mph, and full range when in a 60 or 70 mph Limit.

3. Awareness Beep: This feature gives you one audible beep when the first indicator of the scale of ten is illuminated. This will quickly alert you to coming into the range of a designated location.

Geodesy Re-Radiating Antenna
This will allow the Geodesy to be used off the dashboard.

Road Pilot

Micro Road Pilot


Road Pilot
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