Morpheous Road Pilot

Sorry, this product is no longer available.

Morpheous Road Pilot, is the Big Daddy of the speedtrap detector market, with the largest LCD screen to be found on any GPS speedtrap detector it also has touch screen technology for ease of use. Morpheous where the first to bring a GPS speedtrap detector to the UK and now Morpheous have created another first. There is also a smaller version which is the Micro Road Pilot, and that is the smallest GPS speedtrap detector in the world. So that's a hattrick for Morpheous.

In an era of innovation and technology, Morpheous leads the way allowing you to benefit from high technology solutions today. Morpheaus Road Pilot is the latest in a range of accurate and reliable safety devices that use satellite location technology to identify your proximity to collision hot spot locations identified by road traffic authorities with speed detection devices (SDD).
The Morpheaus Road Pilot utilises the latest in second generation satellite positioning technology along with the most up to date and accurate database of the positions of all speed cameras in the country. The Morpheaus Road Pilot's advanced touch screen display makes the Road Pilot very easy to use and gives useful additional information to make your driving experience easier and safer.

The Road Pilot now has the ability to warn you as you approach, enter or leave the Congestion Charging zone during the charging periods.


Features of the Road Pilot include

  • Large touch screen LCD for ease of use
  • Second generation GPS for extreme accuracy.
  • Locates all speed cameras.
  • Revolutionary RADAR Anti-false alarming with RADAR option.
  • Uses USB interface as standard, using internet to update
  • Compass bearing
  • Range to nearest speedtrap
  • Audio mute
  • GPS Clock
  • Speed camera local speed limit
  • Limited operation when vehicle is moving, for safety.
  • Stores personal camera locations
  • Stores personal waypoints
  • Camera and waypoints can be deleted
  • Mileage summary for personal, business or commuting
  • View of satellite status
  • 3D positioning includes altitude position.
  • True speed reading
  • Odometer reading
  • Trip meter reading
  • GPS tracking view for finding your way
  • GPS information screen
  • Ability to identify cameras "on heading" and "off heading".
  • Speed sensitivity increase or decrease range of warning accordingly
  • Early warning of speedtrap proximity
  • Auto ranging according to speed

The GPS information screen gives the following

  • Vehicle's current position in latitude and longitude
  • Vehicle's current heading
  • Vehicle's speed over ground
  • Vehicle's altitude
  • The accuracy of the GPS fix in ft.
  • The date and time.

Adjustable user settings include

  • Volume
  • Contrast
  • Units in mph or kph
  • Speedometer display type, analogue or digital
  • Voice warning on or off
  • Local time adjustment
  • Language
  • Country
  • Range of speedtrap warnings