Road Angel 9000

The only Sat Nav with a Laser Detector accessory

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Please see the Snooper Syrius Proline for satellite navigation or
the Road Angel Professional Connected for a self updating GPS Detector.

Road Angel 9000The Navigator 9000 is the first in a line of innovative, GPRS connected camera locator and in car navigation products from Road Angel. With the GPRS technology you will be able to update your Road Angel 9000 when ever and where ever you like, without the need for a PC. You will also be able to receive the latest weather reports and up to the minute traffic updates to keep you informed of any delays ahead. Updates will be automatic so you wont need to do a thing.

The Road Angel 9000 still comes with a reliable database to warn you of any hazards you may face on the roads including fixed and mobile speed cameras, accident blackspots, school zones and now traffic and weather hazards. The 9000 also features a sat nav to help you get to where you want to be, safely.

With the Road Angel 9000 you can also use the built in Tracking to keep track of your fleet or it can be used in an emergency to help your family, friends or recovery services find you with out any problems. *

Key Features and Benefits
  • Speed camera and safety alerts keep you constantly aware
  • “Always connected” via GSM/GPRS technology for peace of mind with up to the minute information making your journey safer
  • Real time updates for safety camera data including mobile camera vans
  • Device tracking through a web portal enables your location to be identified in an emergency *
  • Send your destination to your car before you leave home or the office, from a web connected PC or mobile phone
  • GPRS enabled traffic information helping you avoid traffic jams even when you’re not Navigating
  • Receive text messages
  • Daily weather report and three day forecast enables you to prepare for the weather conditions and adapt your journey
  • 4 hour battery life for wireless navigation in or out of the car
  • Amplified speaker in cradle for high quality audio
  • Movie, audio and picture player lets you play MP3 files or review digital pictures and movies
  • Headphone socket for personalised enjoyment of videos and MP3s
  • 4 inch, high resolution, touch screen for ease of use

Why should you buy a Navigator 9000?

  • Uses GPRS mobile phone technology to ensure up to the minute traffic, weather and speed camera information - including mobile camera vans
  • Updates are automatic, so no PC or internet connection is required
  • In built tracking function enables your location to be identified in an emergency by friends, family or the rescue services *
  • Push destination function allows you to send your planned route to your car from your PC, before you leave home or the office
  • Premium processor for the fastest location search and route calculations

Product Overview

  • Integrated SIM - GPRS connectivity
  • SD card 512MB – (Expandable to 2GB)
  • 4” TFT – Colour Touch Screen (res 480 x 272)
  • GPS - Sirf 3
  • Amplified speaker in the cradle
  • Headphone Output
  • 4Hrs Battery+ - Lithium Polymer (Interchangeable)
  • UK Mapping - Covering UK and Ireland

Subscription Options

  • £5.99 per month standard subscription camera / traffic / weather
  • £9.99 per month standard subscription + tracking

No free subscription period applies for this product


Road Angel 9000 Menu

Searching for a place of interest within the 9000

Sat Nav Displaying Address

Road Angel 9000 Mapping Display

Speedtrap Detection Chart

  Gatso Mini Gatso Laser Gun Camera Van Radar Gun Truvelo DS2 Specs Monitron
Type of Speedtrap Radar Radar Laser Laser Radar Digital Digital Digital Digital
Road Angel 9000 Yes Partial Optional Optional Partial Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chart Legend
YesSpeedtrap covered, alerts given.
PartialPartial coverage, only commonly used speedtrap sites.
OptionalAlerts provided by optional extra accessory.
NoSpeedtrap not covered.

View the Speedtrap detection comparison chart.

To Order the Road Angel 9000 or Accessories

Road Angel 9000 Accessories
Mini MCX External Antenna (2m)
Antenna suitable for use with Navigator 6000, Navigator 7000, Adventurer 7000 and Navigator 9000.
Mini MCX External Antenna (5m)
Antenna suitable for use with Navigator 6000, Navigator 7000, Adventurer 7000 and Navigator 9000.
Additional Laser Sensor
Plugs into Road Angel's auxiliary socket, alerts you to mobile laser devices including safety camera team and hand held laser devices
EU Camera & Blackspot Data
Road Angel have logged every speed camera across Western Europe with the same care and attention as the UK database and is now uniquely available as an upgrade to owners of Road Angel Compact and Navigator.
£24.99 Discontinued
Navigator 9000 Cradle
This bracket is incredibly neat and simple to use with a one button release mechanism. There is no need for pre-assembly, the bracket is made up of only one piece.
£42.94 Discontinued
Number Plate Sensor
Number Plate sensor for detecting laser. Can be used with a Classic Road Angel, New Road Angel, Compact Road Angel (only one laser detection unit can be used), Road Angel Plus, Navigator 9000.
£52.90 Discontinued
Straight power lead
Straight cigarette lighter cable to power the Navigator 9000 for use in your vehicle.
Stylus for Navigator 9000
USB Lead
Mini USB to USB lead for use with Road Angel Navigator 6000, 7000 or 9000. For connecting to PC when updating.
Western Europe Mapping
Street level mapping for Western Europe. 2GB SD card. Countries covered: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and Vatican City.


* 1st month of tracking free with standard subscription
Updates to camera location data, traffic and weather forecast will be available on subscription for £5.99 per month with tracking via the Road Angel 9000 for an additional £4.00 per month.

Road Angel Navigator 9000 - Warranty information

Returns require authorisation by RAG
Products < 28 days on next day exchange (sim swap to retain phone No.)
Products > 28 days repaired on 5 day SLA (retains customer phone number)
12 month sim contract (£25 handling charge for no fault found returns)
No refunds after 14 days of sim activation