Road Angel Classic

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Road Angel Classic

Road Angel .....quite simply the best hazard warning device available in the UK
"Road Angel .....quite simply the best hazard warning device available in the UK"
Tiff Needell.
Road Angel .....quite simply the best hazard warning device available in the UK


As our roads become busier, more congested and more regulated, driving skilfully and safely becomes even more challenging. Staying alert to traffic conditions and road hazards throughout your journey is a must. even the most conscientious driver can have a momentary laps in concentration which could easily lead to an accident or a fine or points.

ROAD ANGEL Classic has been specifically designed to rapidly provide you with critical information to enhance the safety of your journey. Using the latest global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology, ROAD ANGEL knows your position and provides you with an audible and visible warning of the approaching danger spots and a speed check. Road Angel Classic on dashboard

Seen here on the dashboard with the power on and showing the GPS speedometer, the ROAD ANGEL Classic is a streamlined device designed to give you the accurate information you need to reduce the risk of accidents and other driver hazards. The warning distance can be set so that the driver has as much time as possible to avoid dangers in accident blackspots, or speeding offences due to a simple break in concentration. The 3 easy to use buttons provide access to the simple menu and it's useful features.


Personal Protection for you and your passengers from :

Accident blackspots
- Repeat fatal accident areas as designated by the Police and Local Authorities.
All fixed speed cameras - Including Gatso, Truvelo and SPECS.
Mobile roadworks cameras - Temporary Gatso and Truvelo.
Your own personal danger areas. - Input with the buttons on the Road Angel.
Your own mobile camera sites - Areas known to be monitored.
Regulated roadworks - Fixed and average speed measurement areas.
Black spot interactive

When approaching a known danger zone, the LCD display turns from green to red and the type of danger is highlighted. The bar counter starts to count up as the danger area gets closer (see pic 1). An audible tone is emitted, the frequency increasing with proximity. Once the location is passed the unit returns to standby.

With the number of speeding cameras set to dramatically increase and accident data changing constantly, Blackspot Interactive are constantly working to verify new locations and delete obsolete ones. These changes are easily updated to your ROAD ANGEL with the supplied software. The first year of updates is free of charge with an annual subscription thereafter of 49 for one year, two years at 79 and for a lifetime subscription the cost is 99.

The standard settings can all be user adjusted. New locations can be stored, current locations deleted, warning range and volume adjusted or muted and various other features

Guarding your life and livelihood.

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