Road Angel Gem Plus Deluxe

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The Road Angel Gem Plus Deluxe has all the same outstanding features of the Road Angel Gem Plus, but also comes supplied with a range of extras.

The device itself provides advance notice of upcoming safety cameras and blackspot areas, including:

Road Autoexpress
  • Fixed and mobile safety cameras
  • Average speed monitoring areas
  • Railway crossings without gates
  • Blackspot areas
  • Congestion charge zones
  • School zones
  • Fatigue warnings

The Road Angel Gem Plus displays the current speed-limit on-screen as you drive (even if you're not approaching a road hazard) using the UK's most accurate database of road speed limits, helping you stay safe and giving you peace of mind.

Battery life up to 2.5 hours.

The Road Angel Gem Plus can update its database over the mobile phone networks, transferring data to and from the Road Angel computer servers every few minutes as you drive.


If you find yourself in an emergency situation, eAssist connects you to an emergency response call centre where you can speak with an operator who'll contact the emergency services most relevant to your needs. Your location is automatically sent to the call centre, so the emergency services can pin-point your location.

There are thousands of sites where Safety Camera Vans can monitor the speed of passing vehicles. Whilst these sites are included in the Road Angel Gem's database, nobody knows where the vans will be at any particular time. The unique CameraShare feature allows connected Road Angel users to report the locations of live camera vans with one press of a button. If another Road Angel owner drives past the same location in the next two hours, a camera van warning will sound.

The Road Angel team spend every day out in the field updating the speed limit database, however keeping the database of road speed limits up to date is still quite challenging. There are so many changes it's inevitable that we don't get them all. The SpeedShare feature lets users report if a speed limit needs changing, which can then be validated and updated on the database.


The Road Angel Gem Plus is ready to use straight out of the box preloaded with up-to-date camera location data. To take advantage of the automatic over-the-air database update service you will need to take out a subscription to the Road Angel database. There are three ways to pay:

  1. 6 months: £39.99
  2. 1 year: £65.99
  3. 3 years: £169.99

Road Angel Gem Plus Deluxe

What's in the Box

  • Road Angel Gem+ Unit
  • Dashboard Mount
  • 1 Metre USB Charging lead
  • Mains charger adaptor
  • 12/24v Car USB Charger Adaptor

As well as the Road Angel Gem Plus device itself and the other parts of the kit above, the Road Angel Gem Plus Deluxe also comes with the following accessories, which are:

  • Hardwire kit
  • Windscreen mount
  • 2.5m USB Cable
  • Protective pouch

Extra accessories are also available separately.

Extra accessories

The Road Angel Gem Plus and the accessories are all available individually from here

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Road Angel Gem Plus Deluxe Road Angel Gem Plus Deluxe £179.99 Unavailable

  Hardwire Kit £24.99
  Windscreen Mount £24.99
  USB Cable £19.99
  Protective Pouch
Protects your device
  Accessory Bundle Pack
Extra set of accessories, all in one pack.