Road Angel Navigator 6000

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Please see the Snooper Syrius Proline.

Road Angel Navigator 6000 Sat Nav ViewThis brand new device from ROAD ANGEL, the Road Angel 6000, which offers everything the original Road Angel Navigator with many more features. The Road Angel 6000 can be used solely as a safety camera device for those familiar journeys OR combining safety camera detection and Sat Nav for those not so familiar journeys. Making it work hard for you all day, every day.

Guiding you . .
with the latest easy to use touch screen mapping of the UK, including full postcode search straight to the door.

Guarding you . .
with Road Angel’s unique full screen Driver Safety System and award winning database of Accident Blackspots and Safety Cameras to ensure a trouble free journey.

Road Angel Features:

  • Fixed camera warnings
  • Accident blackspots
  • Primary schools
  • Congestion charging
  • USB updates
  • Speech alerts
  • Camera-advisory speed limits
  • Store your own personal danger areas

Navigation Features:

  • Full colour 3D or 2D mapping to street level
  • Clear sound voice instructions
  • Quick location search
  • Full postcode search
  • Navigate in Britain (street level)
  • Mapping data held on SD card so it will work out of the box
  • Day and night mode
  • Voice prompts
  • Automatic re-routing
  • Save your favourite destinations

Road Angel Navigator 6000 multi function screenBenefits:

  • 2 products in 1, ROAD ANGEL camera and blackspot alerts with navigation, or solo ROAD ANGEL mode.
  • 100% legal
  • Easy operation with touch screen inputs
  • Car cradle with amplified speaker
  • SD card slot
  • 8 hours battery life
  • Easily transferable between cars and pedestrians
  • Interchangeable between driving and walking mode
  • Lightweight and compact with simple windscreen mount kit
  • GPS receiver with internal antenna and optional external antenna
  • 12/24V Input
  • Optional QWERTY or ABC format keyboard
  • Customise your preferred settings

    Road Angel Navigator 6000 Underspeed Alert Road Angel Navigator 6000 Overspeed Alert