Road Angel Navigator

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Please see the Snooper Syrius Proline.

ROAD ANGEL NAVIGATOR combines full UK street mapping with ROAD ANGEL, the No.1 safety camera & accident blackspot alert system and now with advisory speed limits.

The fully portable, pocket sized ROAD ANGEL NAVIGATOR has a FULL postcode search facility, 2D and 3D mapping options and a colour touch screen. ROAD ANGEL NAVIGATOR will guide you on your journey safely and quickly giving precise and clear instructions both visually and audibly with a digital voice, the speedtrap warnings are again given visually and audibly but with a different voice so that the instructions and warnings are easily recognised.

The slim modern design of the ROAD ANGEL NAVIGATOR is attractive as well as functional, being able to be slipped into a shirt pocket, having a rechargeable internal battery means that it can be used anywhere including when walking to a destination such as through a town centre.

Road Angel Navigator sat nav and speedtrap detector.
Typing in your destination postcode or point of interest couldn't be easier with full postcode search and store. You can even search for destinations by using the map on the screen if you do not know the actual address. The ROAD ANGEL NAVIGATOR also allows you to choose from previous destinations and points of interest making it the easiest sat nav system to use on the market today.

Road Angel Navigator sat nav and speedtrap detector.
ROAD ANGEL NAVIGATOR works out your route in the time it would take to find the right page in a map. The Sat Nav engine is so quick that if you should turn from the prescribed route it will acquire a new route within seconds so there is no interruption of directional instructions.

Road Angel Navigator on the windscreen.Road Angel Navigator is easily slipped into a shirt or jacket pocket.

Road Angel Navigator sat nav and speedtrap detector.Side view showing how slim the Road Angel Navigator is for portability. Road Angel Navigator sat nav and speedtrap detector.The inbuilt GPS antenna can be quickly and easily unfolded for use either in the car or when walking. Road Angel Navigator sat nav and speedtrap detector. Shows the Road Angel Navigator in it's car cradle which is normally fixed to the windscreen by the very powerful suction pad.
Road Angel Navigator sat nav and speedtrap detector.
Close up of the display release button on the car cradle. Simply push the button to release the display.
Road Angel Navigator sat nav and speedtrap detector.
Close up of the rotary volume control on the car cradle. High volume to the left low volume to the right.
Road Angel Navigator sat nav and speedtrap detector.
Close up of the function buttons on the Road Angel Navigator including, power, zoom in/out, day/night mode, volume attenuation and speedtrap menus.
  • Full postcode search facility
  • Integrated ROAD ANGEL blackspot and safety camera alert system
  • Camera-advisory speed limits
  • Street-level UK mapping
  • Easy to use colour touch screen
  • Voice prompts
  • Interchangeable between driving and walking mode
  • Customise your preferred settings
  • Windscreen or dash mount
  • Automatic re-route facility
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Save your favourite routes
  • Built-in charger
  • European mapping available separately

A second memory module can be purchased for 149 which will include Western Europe countries, Germany, France, Italy, Iberian Peninsula(Spain, Portugal), Benelux(Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg), Scandinavia(Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden), Alps Ski Area(Austria, Switzerland, Northern Italy)

249.99 - Price includes VAT & 6 months free subscription.
Subsequent subscription charge of 3.99 per month by Direct Debit, a minimum 12 month contract is required.

Requires regular updating via USB PC internet for latest blackspot and safety camera information.

Now with free stand alone laser detector.