Road Angel Professional Connected

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RoadThe Road Angel Professional Connected has all the features of the Road Angel Professional, with speedtrap and safety alerts such as railway crossings and school zones, but it has a few extra features as well. The Professional Connected has built in GPRS so it can keep itself updated every 2 minutes. Having GPRS also means that the Road Angel Professional Connected can receive text messages and has the ability to be tracked via the internet.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides alerts for:
    • fixed speed cameras
    • mobile speed camera locations
    • average speed camera zones
    • congestion charge zones
    • school zones
    • black-spot areas
    • railway crossings
    • fatigue warnings
  • Black
  • Safety camera locations across the UK updated via GSM/GPRS technology every few minutes
  • Built in tracking facility enables your location to be identified in an emergency by friends, family or the emergency services*
  • Can receive text messages
  • Sleek design with a remote control to prevent stretching across the Dashboard
  • Audible and visual warnings
  • Speeding warning
  • Advisory speed limit at camera locations
  • Continuous speed monitoring
  • Up to eight hours battery life, for wire-free operation
  • Windscreen mount, with plug & go installation
  • Full-colour screen with easy-to-use customisable interface
  • UnderAuto-power function means you don't need to remember to switch on or off
  • Easy-to-use menus
  • Auxiliary socket for laser attachment
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • 100% legal

*Tracking function available for free trial period, an additional subscription is required for ongoing use.


SRAM 128Kbytes
Flash 1GBit Flash
Full Colour Display
  • Wintek 2.4 TFT LCD
  • Resolution: 320 x 240
  • Backlight
USB Device Mini-B USB connector
Processor Atmel AT91SAM7SE
GPS Atmel ATR0635
Ext. patch antenna option
Audio Woolfson WM8510GEDS/V
Battery Lithuim-ion 2200mAh
  • In-built laser detection
  • In-built IR detection
  • External socket for laser detector
Remote Control Built-in IR



Product Options
Road Angel Professional Connected Road Angel Professional Connected £299.99

  Anti Vibration Dampeners
Kit contains 2 windscreen suction cups and anti vibration dampners, to be used with the windscreen mounts for Classic Road Angel, New Road Angel, Road Angel Plus
  Mini MCX External Antenna (2m)
Antenna suitable for use with Navigator 6000, Navigator 7000, Adventurer 7000, Navigator 9000, Professional and Professional Connected
  Mini USB Lead
Mini USB to USB lead for use with Road Angel Plus, Road Angel Professional and Professional Connected. For connecting to PC when updating
  Power Supply
Mains charger for Professional and Professional Connected
  Remote Control
Remote control for Professional and Professional Connected