Road Angel Vantage

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The UK's most accurate camera locator now delivers speed limit information

Road Angel VantageThe Road Angel Vantage is on the cutting edge of speed management devices. As well as the most accurate warnings of approaching safety cameras and accident blackspots, new slim design, and improved user interface, Vantage provides road-speed information, so drivers know what the speed limit is on any stretch of road they drive.

Vantage uses mobile phone technology that allows users to automatically receive regular safety camera database updates, and share the locations of active safety camera vans. It also lets users suggest new or revised road speeds. Called SpeedShare™, this innovative technology uses the vast Road Angel community to create an up-to-date, digital road-speed map of Britain.

Why choose Road Angel Vantage?

  • ROAD ANGEL safety alerts – the UK's number one safety camera and blackspot alert system
  • Displays speed limits of the road you're traveling on
  • The safety camera database updates automatically every few minutes, as your driving
  • SpeedShare™ feature allows you to suggest new or revised road speeds
  • CameraShare™ feature allows you to share the locations of active safety camera vans
  • Sleek design with full colour screen, and easy to use interface that you can customise to your taste

Features & Benefits

  • Alerts users to:
    • Fixed safety camera locations
    • Mobile safety camera locations
    • Congestion charge zones
    • Average speed camera zones
    • School zones
    • Accident black-spot areas
    • Railway crossings
    • Fatigue warnings
  • The UK's most accurate safety camera and blackspot alerts, with updates every few minutes
  • Clear display of road speed limits
  • SpeedShare™ feature
  • CameraShare™ feature
  • Slim design with full colour, customisable interface
  • Continuously displayed vehicle speed
  • Audible and visual warnings
  • Speeding warning
  • Advisory speed limit at camera locations
  • Windscreen mount, and plug & go installation
  • Full colour screen with easy-to-use customisable interface
  • 100% legal

Product Options
Road Angel Vantage Road Angel Vantage £249.99

  Dashboard Mounting Disk for Vantage £4.90
  In-Car Charger for Vantage £15.90
  Mains Charger for Vantage £22.90
  Mounting Arm for Vantage
Does not include mounting cradle
  Mounting Cradle for Vantage
Does not include mounting arm
  USB Lead for Vantage £12.90