Road Pilot Micro Go

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
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Micro Go Features

The MicroGo was reently seen in the Top Gear magazines June 2007
edition complimenting its size and features.

Animation of MicroGo display.

Created in conjunction with one of the UK’s leading Industrial Designers, it's also the best looking (we believe) GPS speed alert system on the market. And you can change the backlight colour to match the vehicles instruments to further enhance its looks.

It's ready to go - straight out of the box.
It's easy to move from vehicle to vehicle.
It has voice AND visual alerts.
You can change the colour of it's screen.
...oh, and it fits neatly into your pocket...

It's one-touch operating button means it's easy to display the following eight functions:
Speed display on Micro Go. Speed Display Uses GPS satellites to calculate your speed over ground with great precision. Displayed in mph or km/h (user selectable)
Speedtrap alert on Micro Go Camera Warning Shows your speed and the road's speed limit. The bar graph indicates the range to the speed camera. Audible and visual warnings are given if you are exceeding the speed limit.
GPS information displayed on Micro Go.
Rescue ME Useful for advising rescue services and roadside assistance of your exact position.
Trip information displayed on Micro Go Trip Computer Shows the Odometer and a re-settable Trip Counter. Displayed in mph or km/h (user selectable).
Compass heading display on Micro Go. Compass Heading Shows your vehicle's heading as a rotating card "head up" compass display. Your current speed is also shown.
Congestion zone display on Micro Go. Congestion Charge Gives an advance warning when approaching, on the boundary, and while in the Congestion Charge Zone.
Overspeed alert on Micro Go. Max Speed Alarm Activates when you exceed your personal speed limit (user selectable).
Date and time display on Micro Go. Date and time micro's GPS receiver receives extremely accurate information from an "atomic clock" providing precise time as well as showing the date.