Snooper Indago

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Snooper Indago

The Snooper Indago portable satellite navigation system and GPS camera location device is the culmination of 25 years of continued development. Using NAVTEQ digital mapping, the Indago will direct you simply and easily from A-B whilst Snooper's award winning camera location technology will alert you to any potential hazards such as Gatso and Truvelo cameras plus many more.

The Indago has been designed to be as convenient and easy to use as possible. To find an address all you need to do is key in a postcode and street name using the touch screen key pad and within seconds Indago will calculate the quickest route to your destination.

Once your route has been planned, Indago will give you accurate turn by turn instructions to your destination with helpful voice prompts and a colourful, moving 3D map.

The Indago uses only the highest quality software and is manufactured using high quality materials yet remains surprisingly affordable considering it is a purpose built dual-purpose unit. Any satellite navigation system is only as good as it mapping software and thatís why the Indago from Snooper utilises Navteq street level mapping, ensuring that you can travel from A to B using the best route possible and more importantly, without getting you lost!

Snooper Indago menu. Snooper Indago display. Snooper Indago display.
Easy to use menu system with touch screen operation Full colour 3.5" LCD Display with 2D and 3D Mapping Genuine Speed Camera Detection using GPS Technology

Snooper Indago

Indago Features

  • Street Level UK Mapping
  • 3.5" Full Colour LCD Screen
  • Touch Screen Operation
  • 2D and 3D Screen Views
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Full Post Code Search
  • Each by city or from any point you touch on the map
  • Choice of Male & Female voice
  • Turn by Turn Voice Prompts
  • Automatic Re-route Technology
  • Extensive point of interest database including hotels & golf courses
  • Ultra-compact, Ultra Slim

What It Detects

  • Gatso Cameras
  • Truvelo Cameras
  • SPECs Average Speed Traps
  • Accident Black Spots
  • DS 2 Speed Traps
  • Watchman Speed Cameras
  • Speed Curb
  • Plus many more!

Other units offer you the chance to know where speed cameras are on your route, but no other satellite navigation system utilises Snooperís unique Enigma database. Enigma incorporates camera locations across Europe, so from Manchester to Monaco you will always be protected.

Indago offers even more unique features by using Snooperís camera location technology. Unlike other portable navigators, Indago provides full, clear alerts, confirming the speed camera type, the speed limit at the point of the alert and counts down accurately to the hazard.

Auto Ranging
There is no need to set the detection range of Indago, as it automatically calculates the distance required depending on the speed limit. For instance it will alert you 200 meters in advance in a 30mph zone and up to 500 meters in a 70mph zone.

Smart Mute
Not only does it have Auto ranging but the Indago also recognises your speed. If you are under the speed limit as you approach a speed camera or high risk zone it will only give you a visual alert. Of course if you are over the speed limit you will get a full audible alert including voice warnings.

Indago includes:

  • Full accessory pack
  • Quick release windscreen suction cup bracket
  • USB connector lead for fast efficient downloads from your PC
  • 12V Cigarette lighter supply/charger
  • AC Adaptor/charger
  • Download Software Disc
  • Security Protected 256Mb SD Card
  • Protective Carry Case

Commercial vehicle versions of Indago now available.

Still with Navteq mapping and the speed camera database, the additional features are:-

The driver is alerted to low bridges and is given a warning at 700m, allowing distance and time to change the route if required.
The size of the vehicle can be selected and the speed limits at speed cameras will be adjusted accordingly.

Product Options
Snooper Indago: UK & Ireland Snooper Indago UK
Speedtrap Detection and Satellite Navigation for the UK &Ireland.
Snooper Indago: Europe Snooper Indago Euro
Speedtrap Detection and Satellite Navigation for Western Europe.
Snooper Indago CV Assist: UK & Ireland Snooper Indago CV - UK
Speedtrap Detection and Satellite Navigation for commercial vehicle.
Snooper Indago CV Assist: Western Europe Snooper Indago CV - Euro
Speedtrap Detection and Satellite Navigation for commercial vehicle.