Snooper Lite S900

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Please see the Cheetah C550.

Snooper Syrius Lite S900 features the most up-to-date street level navigation from Navteq with a choice of UK & Eire or European mapping, Snooper’s award-winning AURA speed camera detection, ideal lane guidance and a full-colour 4.3 widescreen touch display. All housed neatly in a sleek black casing.

This stylish system, featuring full postcode search and rechargeable battery, will alert you to the location of all types of fixed speed traps, accident hot-spots and high-risk areas using Snooper's AURA speed camera database - the most comprehensive of its kind in Europe.

The Syrius Lite S900 has been specially designed for use straight from the box. Programming a route is very easy using the touch screen. Enter a postcode and the Syrius Lite S900 will take you straight to the door. You can also search by town or city, or even choose from a selection of interesting categories such as hotels, petrol stations, or golf courses; and your route will be calculated in seconds.

New and improved mapping
The Snooper Syrius Lite S900 comes complete with up-to-date street-level mapping from Navteq. UK & Ireland, and European mapping options are available.

Lane guidance
Lane guidance software gives you advanced notice of which lane(s) to use when approaching junctions for safer driving.

My Speed
The speed limit of almost every road in Europe is now displayed clearly on your Syrius Lite S900 all the time. My Speed can also be set to warn you if you exceed the speed limit.

Navigate by Junction number
Navigate to motorway junction numbers using the improved 'Find by map' function.

Your Route
Create and manage your own bespoke routes. Select which roads you would like to travel in Map View or search road-by-road. Use 'Your route' to create your own personally tailored routes.

Point of interest 'corridor' search.
Choose to search from our extensive list of Points Of Interest using our new 'corridor' search. The 'corridor' search facility allows you to search along your pre-programmed route.

Adjustable map text size
Increase the size of road names and numbers displayed on-screen, making them easier to read.

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