Snooper Lynx GT Lite

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Make your journeys stress-free with Snooper's Lynx GT Lite! This compact product has a 2.7-inch full colour screen and comes complete with a free subscription to the AURA speed camera database, meaning you can rest easy during those long drives.

Snooper Lynx GT Lite

The handy device, which detects fixed GPS speed cameras, is Snooper's most advanced GPS detection system to date - and provides the best performance on the market.

Our Lynx GT Lite comes with a windscreen mount, dashboard mount, in-vehicle charger and USB update cable, so you can install it inside your vehicle with minimum fuss.

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2.7 full colour screen
Free Aura™ speed camera updates
No subscription or download charges
Detects fixed GPS speed cameras
Windscreen mount, dashboard mount, in-vehicle charger and USB update cable included

New Cordless Snooper Lynx GT Lite GPS Speed Trap Detector with FREE Lifetime AURA™ speed camera updates and a 2.7 full colour LCD!

Based on the top selling 'connected' Lynx GT, Snooper are proud to introduce Lynx GT Lite with FREE PC speed camera updates. Lynx Lite is our latest and most advanced GPS speed camera detection system. With voice alerts and a large 2.7 Full Colour TFT LCD screen (with 10 colour options) Lynx provides the best speed camera detection performance on the market. Lynx GT Lite comes with FREE lifetime AURA™ speed camera updates and a built-in rechargeable battery so there are no trailing wires and can be updated easily and for FREE via most PC's with an internet connection.

As well as coming complete with a windscreen and dashboard mounting kit, Lynx GT Lite can also be installed more permanently using a bespoke fitting kit* which allows the unit to be mounted to either the central or right hand air-vent and then hard wired directly to the vehicles electrical system.

Full colour visual alerts plus voice alerts confirm the speed camera type of every speed camera stored in Snooper Lynx Lite's unique AURA™ database. And, as with all Snooper GPS detectors you can download new data to your system 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so that your unit is always up to date.

Snooper Lynx GT Lite. Extremely high quality design married with the best speed camera detection performance available.

*Brodit mounting brackets available separately. Please call 0161 355 1275 for further details and prices.



Unlike AURA™, many other GPS speed camera databases rely largely on locations provided by hobbyists who might not be able to tell a speed camera or a red light camera from a traffic flow camera or a surveillance camera. These databases could result in annoying false alerts, which could lead you to start ignoring even legitimate alerts-defeating the point of having a GPS database in the first place. Other databases are not updated every day, and they also limit how often you can download updates. As a result, devices using these databases are not as up-to-date as they could be and are likely to miss alerts. In contrast, Snooper has assembled a professional team that devotes every working day to verifying each and every speed camera and high risk zone that goes into the AURA™ database.

The AURA™ database is constantly updated, and can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. AURA's reliability is backed up by Snooper, one of the most respected and trusted satellite navigation and speed camera location manufacturers. Snooper has won dozens of awards for innovation and product performance and has been establised since 1979.

How does it work?

IMAGE of aura explained

If you're considering a GPS database to reduce your risk of an unintended speeding ticket or accident, doesn't it make sense to go with the database and the company that reduces that risk the most? As well as the UK and Ireland, the AURA™ speed trap database now offers Worldwide protection Including Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Romania, Russia, North America, Canada, Australia*, New Zealand* and South Africa and is still growing.

*Lynx GT Lite is not compatible with Australia and New Zealand.

Snooper Lynx GT Lite features:

  • 2.7 Full Colour TFT LCD display
  • Voice Alerts
  • 10 screen colour combinations
  • Camera updates via USB
  • Earphone socket for motorcycle use
  • Windscreen, dashboard and Hardwire mounting options
  • Ultra slim, ultra compact - W95mm x H65mm x D25mm

Snooper Lynx GT Lite provides personal alerts of the following speed traps:-

  • Gatso Cameras
  • Truvelo Cameras
  • SPECs Cameras
  • MCS Cameras
  • Average Speed Roadwork Cameras
  • Watchman
  • Speedcurb
  • DS2 Speedmaster
  • New Multi lens 'Daddy' Gatso
  • Accident Hotspots
  • High Risk Zones* (Includes alerts to regular sites of Mobile Laser and Mobile Camera vans)
  • Digital Cameras
  • Schools (optional)
  • Congestion Charge Cameras
  • Covers UK & Europe

What's in the box

  • Lynx GT Lite with built in GPS antenna
  • Windscreen Mount
  • Dashboard Mount
  • Car charger
  • Hardwire Lead
  • USB Update Cable
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Software CD

No subscription fees
No download charges

1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

System Requirements:

To update the AURA speed camera database on your unit you will need a PC with either Windows ME, Win2K, XP,Vista or Win7 and have internet access.

Special Offer!

Want to join the Lynx LIVE Community and receive and share LIVE alerts of mobile laser and police speed trap locations with other Lynx users? Upgrade your Lynx Lite to Lynx GT at any time by subscribing to Lynx Aura Live services by clicking here.

Snooper LYNX LITE specification

  • Built-in GPS antenna
  • Built-in GPRS*
  • Wireless speed camera updates anywhere
  • Fully Portable
  • 3hour battery life
  • Height: 55 mm
  • Width: 80 mm
  • Depth: 20 mm
  • LCD Display: 2 .7 Full colour TFT Digital LCD
  • Up to 10 screen colour combinations
  • Voice Alerts
  • Earphone socket for motorcycle use
  • Windscreen or Hardwire mounting options

*Only active if user chooses to upgrade to Lynx GT and subscribes to Lynx Aura Live services. Click here to learn more about Snooper Lynx GT.

Compatible PC:- Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista

Providing personal alerts of:

  • Gatso Cameras
  • Truvelo Cameras
  • Specs Cameras
  • DS2
  • Speedcurb
  • Watchman
  • Multi Lens Gatso
  • Accident Blackspots
  • Mobile Laser Sites
  • High Risk Zones

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