Snooper Run SR200

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Using the latest GPS technology, the Snooper Run SR200 is one of the most advanced training watches available, and is the perfect watch for any runner. Whether you're training for a marathon or you just wish to get a little fitter, the Snooper Run SR200 will help you to improve your fitness level, with the huge range of features that are included as standard in Snooper's comprehensive run software.

Snooper Run SR200 will display the following features:

Displays the time in either 12 or 24-hour format

The Snooper Run SR200 will advise you of your pace and the number of minutes needed to complete a mile (or kilometre) running at your current speed.

The Snooper Run SR200 displays your current speed in either mph or kph depending on the settings.

The SR200 records and displays how far you have run or walked, using GPS technology.

Calories Burned
Displays the number of calories burned per hour (you need to enter height, weight, and gender for this to be accurate).

The Snooper Run SR200 comes with stop-watch functionality.

Auto Lap Alarm
The Snooper Run SR200 can be preset to alert you of specific milestones on your training route eg. 1.0 mile, 2.0 miles, 5.0 miles, etc.

Display Settings
The SR200 running watch can be set to display metric or imperial. Distance is shown in Km (kilometres) or MI (Miles), Weight (lbs or kg) and Height (feet and inches or centimetres).

Water Resistant
The SR200 running watch is water resistant up to 30 metres depth (please note that whilst the SR200 is water resistant, it is not suitable for use whilst swimming)

Alarm Mode
The Snooper Run SR200 has 5 separate alarms which can be set.

Using your SR200 Indoors
For indoors when you have no GPS connectivity, Snooper Run SR200 will still operate as normal with Chronograph, Lap and Clock functions but without the Speed or Distance features.

Manual or GPS Time Function
The Snooper RUN SR200 will allow manual time setting or can automatically set the time for your time zone using the GPS connection. The GPS automatic setting is extremely quick to set and guaranteed to be accurate. the SR200 will also take into account daylight saving time.

Backlight Display
For use at night or within areas of low light, the Snooper Run SR200 has a backlight which will illuminate to view your time and training details. The backlight can be set to illuminate for 10 or 20 seconds after a button push.

Night Mode
Night mode enables you to set the backlight to come on automatically after you launch one of the training modes, such as Run or Chronograph, within a preset time period eg. between 6pm and 11pm.

One-year manufacturer's warranty is included as standard.

GPS Satellite Information
The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a network of 24 or more satellites. GPS works best in clear weather conditions, and is available anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. When three satellite signals are received, your Snooper Run SR200 can calculate its 2D position (latitude and longitude). When four or more satellite signals are received, your SR200 can calculate its 3D position (latitude, longitude, and height).

What's In The Box
1 x Snooper Run SR200 Sports Watch
1 x USB PC Power Cable
1 x CD ROM including User Manual

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