Snooper S2

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Snooper S2

The Snooper S2 GPS has been designed to help improve your concentration and to navigate the UK's roads more safely by providing advanced warning of ALL fixed speed safety cameras. What’s even more impressive is that you can get this Snooper S2 highly sophisticated Camera Alert System for just Ł78.99* plus subscription charges!

Snooper S2 Uses GPS and laser technology comparing your position to the position of all known danger spots and provides you with an audible and visual alert. The Snooper S2 also includes two new features, Auto-Ranging and Speed Sensitive visual alerts.

Even the most conscientious of drivers can have a lapse of concentration which could easily result in a fine and even more seriously, an accident.


You no longer have to set the detection range as the S2 automatically calculates the distance required depending on the speed limit. 200m pre-warning of a camera in a 30mph zone up to 500m pre-warning in a 70mph zone.

S.P.A. Technology

New Speed Sensitive Alerts means that you can safely and easily keep a check on your speed. When approaching a Speed Safety Camera or High Risk Zone the S2 will flash the red LED's if you are over the limit or the blue LED's if you are under the limit ensuring that you are always traveling at the correct speed.

The S2 upgrades quickly and easily from your PC using Enigma Databases

Downloading your S2 and keeping it up to date with the very latest information is essential to it’s performance. GPS camera detection systems are only as good as the database of co-ordinates that are stored within them. That's why Snooper uses Enigma. Enigma consists of a dedicated team whose sole purpose is to research and manage a database of cameras and other points of interest not only in the UK, but across the rest of Europe as well. Please note however that the full European database is not available on all units at this time. For more information click on the icon below or see the products feature list for the database currently available.

As our roads become increasingly busy it is becoming more and more difficult to drive carefully and safely.

To make using this database as simple as possible we have developed a system software that makes downloading your updates quick and easy. To access the comprehensive Enigma database, you simply connect your Snooper device to a compatible PC with internet access and the entire database will be downloaded in a matter of minutes.

Suitable for use with most vehicles

The S2 has been designed to be fully compatible with most makes and models of vehicle. However, it may not be possible to use them on vehicles with ‘heat reflective’ or ‘comfort’ windscreens such as newer model Renault, Citroen and some Peugeot vehicles, although it is effective on vehicles with more common ‘heated’ windscreens.

Some vehicles with heat reflective screens do have an uncoated area around the rear view mirror enabling the unit to operate correctly if positioned there.

If you are unsure what type of windscreen your vehicle has, please contact your local dealer or manufacturer. If your vehicle does have this type of windscreen, you will need to purchase an additional extension re-radiating antenna to enable the Snooper S2 to work correctly.


SNOOPER Legality Confirmed.
Due to recent Press coverage of the proposed 'Road Safety Bill' many customers are Concerned about the current legal situation as well as any proposed legislation seeking to ban Snoopers. We can confirm however that GPS Camera locators are not under review in the proposed bill and have written evidence from the Department for Transport to that effect.

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