Snooper S3 Neo

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The Snooper S3 Neo is a GPS and Laser warning device designed to help you drive safer and to the speed limit, alerting you to police speedtraps and accident blackspots letting you know of potentially hazardous areas. The S3 also features a built in laser detector.

Snooper S3 Neo, Radar and Laser Detector.

Advanced Technology
The Snooper S3 Neo has a built in database which contains the GPS location of all fixed speed cameras as well as including schools and offically designated accident hotspots. The S3 uses this database to compare against your current position using GPS technology and alerting you to nearby hazards, accident hotspots or speedtraps, warnings will be in the form of an audio and visual alert. The database is monitored constantly and updated by a special data collection team to ensure that you get warnings to all potential hazards you may face on the road. To update the Snooper S3 Neo you simply connect it to a compatible PC the database will be downloaded* and updated in a matter of minutes.

Enigma Database
GPS camera detectors can only be as good as the database it uses which is why the S3 Neo uses Snoopers Enigma database. Enigma has a special team dedicated to researching and managing the database which includes speed cameras, accident hotspots and other points of interest, the database doesnt only cover the UK also includes the rest of Europe as well.

Safety Outside Schools
With the Snooper S3 you can now choose to include Schools into the database. So you can get advanced warnings of all the nearby schools which covers all of Britain, allowing you to have more concentration around the more sensitive areas of the road.

Laser Detection as Standard
The Snooper S3 comes complete with a built-in 360 degree laser detector. This laser detector has been designed to detect all types of mobile laser speed monitoring systems often used in danger spots where 'Fixed' systems cannot be easily utilised. As a result the device will alert you to nearly every speed monitoring system and accident hotspot whether Fixed or Mobile.

Genuine 'Plug & Play' Installation
With the Snooper S3 Neo having both a GPS safety alert database as well as a built in laser detector it truely is an easy unit to install. Simply position the unit to either the dash or windscreen, plug it into the cigarette lighter and turn it on. It really is that easy.

The S3 Neo has been designed to warn you of police speed cameras, schools and accident hotspots. Using a mixture of a built in piezo bleeper and a series of coloured LED's, you will get audio and visual warnings to identifying the type of the oncoming hazard. The S3 Neo also allows you to set the volume and also change the distance range of alerts from 100 metres up to 500 metres.

Motorcycle Use
An optional ear-piece is available for use with the Snooper S3, designed to transfer the audible alert directly to the inside of your helmet so that it can be used conveniently on a motorcycle as well as in a car.

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