Snooper S4 Evolution Speed Camera Detector

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Snooper S4 EVOLUTION is completely portable and powers easily from the vehicles cigar lighter or can be wired directly to a motorcycle. It’s simple to use and is one of the smallest most technically advanced units on the market. Using the latest GPS technology it will locate ALL types of fixed Speed Safety Cameras such as Gatso and Truvelo. As well as detecting all static cameras, the Snooper S4 EVOLUTION even includes most of the mobile speedtrap sites in the database, so can detect most mobile speed traps as well. PLUS it includes voice alerts and will even tell you the Speed Limit at every fixed camera it locates!

Snooper S4 Evolution

The Snooper S4 EVOLUTION has everything you could want in a GPS device, backed up by the biggest name in the business.

We know the Speed Limits, do you?

The NEW Snooper S4 EVOLUTION is one of the most compact Speed Safety Camera location systems on the market. The EVOLUTION will detect ALL types of ‘fixed’ cameras using GPS but also includes most of the mobile speedtrap sites in the database to enable it to detect most mobile sites as well. The device provides bright, clear and safe warnings with loud adjustable Voice Alerts and a LED dot matrix text display.

Plug & Play Simplicity

The device comes complete with an ‘easy fit’ accessory pack which enables the Snooper S4 Evolution to be mounted either on the dashboard or the windscreen of the vehicle. The EVOLUTION can then be powered directly from the cigar lighter and can be moved quickly and easily from vehicle to vehicle. Alternatively the unit can be powered directly from the vehicles electrical system with the ‘hard wire’ included.

Clear Precise Warnings with Switchable Voice Alerts

As you approach the danger zone, the EVOLUTION will tell you the exact camera you are approaching, begin to emit a loud audible bleep and will confirm the Speed Limit of that stretch of road. As you get closer to the zone the bleeping will quicken and the text display will accurately count down your distance to it until you have passed the danger. Once you have passed the camera or accident hotspot the display will revert to normal, ready to warn you of the next impending hazard!

New Snooper GPS Technology

The SNOOPER range of Safety Alert Systems have been specially designed to help you drive safely within the confines of today’s ever changing speed limits. They now use the very latest GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) technology which has advanced the Snooper range significantly. Older, cheaper radar detectors could false alert, but new Snooper GPS detectors are much more clinical only alerting when there is a genuine need to do so. Using Enigma (trademark) Software Snooper manages a database of the co-ordinates of all Safety Cameras plus many officially designated Accident Black spots and High Risk Zones across Europe. This database can then be downloaded on a regular basis via a PC so that you always have the latest information with you. One of the most significant and important benefits of this technology is that each co-ordinate can be 'tagged' with additional information such as the Speed Limit of the stretch of road where the Safety Camera is situated. As a result you can be made aware, not only of potentially dangerous stretches of road but of the current Speed Limit at the same time.

Upgrades quickly and easily from your PC

Downloading your Snooper and keeping it up to date with the very latest information is essential to it’s performance. The NEW Snooper EVOLUTION though, does not use any old database, Snooper is powered by Enigma, probably the most comprehensive European database of Speed Safety Cameras available. GPS camera detection systems are only as good as the database of co-ordinates that are stored within them. That's why Snooper uses Enigma. Enigma consists of a dedicated team whose sole purpose is to research and manage a database of cameras and other points of interest not only in the UK, but across the rest of Europe as well.

To make using this database as simple as possible we have developed a software system that makes downloading your EVOLUTION quick and easy. To access the comprehensive eCAD database, you simply connect your device to a compatible PC with internet access and the entire database will be downloaded in a matter of minutes. You can then be electronically alerted to every potentially hazardous stretch of road or danger spot across Europe! What’s more, to ensure that the system is always effective, downloads can be performed as often as you like.

Suitable for use with most vehicles

The Snooper EVOLUTION has been designed to be fully compatible with most makes and models of vehicle. However, it may not be possible to use them on vehicles with ‘heat reflective’ or ‘comfort’ windscreens such as newer model Renault, Citroen and some Peugeot vehicles, although it is effective on vehicles with more common ‘heated’ windscreens.

Some vehicles with heat reflective screens do have an uncoated area around the rear view mirror enabling the unit to operate correctly if positioned there.

If you are unsure what type of windscreen your vehicle has, please contact your local dealer or manufacturer. If your vehicle does have this type of windscreen, you will need to purchase an additional extension re-radiating antenna to enable the Snooper EVOLUTION to work correctly.

SNOOPER Legality Confrmed...

Due to recent Press coverage of the proposed 'Road Safety Bill' many customers are Concerned about the current legal situation as well as any proposed legislation seeking to ban Snoopers. We can confirm however that GPS Camera locators are not under review in the proposed bill and have written evidence from the Department for Transport to that effect.

The Government understand and fully accept the safety benefits of GPS based safety systems. Products like the Snooper GPS warn of danger areas, advising users to reduce speed and be aware of the potential hazard ahead, supporting perfectly what safety cameras aim to achieve.

Direct from the Department for Transport (

There is no difficulty with drivers carrying in their vehicles devices that inform them of the location of fixed safety cameras and cameras operating from mobile units. These have the same intention as the signing, visibility and conspicuity rules that form part of the financial scheme under which most cameras are placed. These devices operate currently under Global Positional Systems (GPS). They work by keeping the position of cameras up to date on a computer and identifying where they are in relation to a vehicle by use of a satellite. There is no intention to ban these.

Drive Safely with Snooper!

Snooper’s are not only legal – they are proven to cut down accidents by up to 24%.

Nobody wants to be involved in a nasty road accident. So the good news is that a MORI poll between radar detector users and non users concluded that radar detector users actually had up to 24% fewer accidents per miles traveled and drove 73,955 miles further between accidents than none users.

Snooper S4 Evolution


Snooper EVOLUTION provides

Personal warning of:-

  • Gatso & Truvelo Cameras
  • Watchman
  • Speedcurb
  • SPECs average speed,
  • Roadwork Cameras
  • DS 2
  • Accident Hotspots
  • High Risk Zones
  • Mobile Laser sites
  • Mobile Safety Vans
  • Temporary Gatso & Truvelo Cameras
  • Congestion Charge Cameras
  • Digital Cameras
  • Schools (optional)


A sample of the many benefits of the NEW Special Edition Snooper EVOLUTION

  • Tells you the posted SPEED LIMIT at every static camera it detects.
  • NEW EUROPEAN Fixed Camera Database
  • NEW more powerful GPS engine & antenna
  • NEW Special Edition Silver Case
  • Easy to read Super Bright text display tells you the camera type and counts you down accurately to the hazard.
  • Audible Voice Warnings
  • No False Alerts
  • Compact Size - 25mm x 105mm x 75mm
  • Set & Forget user friendly settings
  • 360 degree laser detection
  • 100% legal
  • Up to 5 Years Warranty