Snooper S5700 Ventura Pro DVR

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Snooper S5700 Ventura Pro
The best sat nav designed specifically for drivers of caravans and motorhomes just got better. Now includes Lane Guidance, Junction View, and information on 20,000 campsites and motorhome stopovers in 31 countries!


VENTURA is the first sat nav system to include dedicated routing specifically designed for drivers of caravans and motorhomes - plus Snooper's multi-award-winning speed camera location technology. Ventura has been a huge success since it was launched in 2009, and has been welcomed by caravan and motorhome owners across Europe. Simply enter the width, height and weight of your vehicle and the S5700 Ventura Pro will find you a route avoiding low bridges, weight restrictions and many other hazards.

The Snooper S5700 Ventura Pro sat nav system has been developed over many months using our industry research and the feedback of thousands of caravan and motorhome users. Ventura is the most comprehensive sat nav system which is designed specifically for caravans and motorhomes. Ventura uses Navteq data further enhanced with thousands more attributes, combining to give far more comprehensive hazard coverage, on more roads, than any other system.

Snooper have teamed up with camping and motorhome stopover specialists ACSI, BordAtlas and CamperStop to give you the richest campsite and motorhome stopover site data available as standard. Select the country and region you want to visit, then choose from an in-depth list of facilities you require - such as campsites with swimming pools, a nearby river, watersports, restaurants, by the sea, with shops, etc. - Ventura will then do the rest. A list of campsites that match your chosen criteria will be displayed. Some campsites even include photographs so you can see the site first-hand. Once you have selected the campsite or motorhome stopover you want to vist, Ventura will find a route to take you straight there.

Car navigation
Although Ventura has been designed to navigate caravans and motorhomes safely and legaly, it also incorporates a car setting. Simply switch Ventura to car mode and it will navigate you on the most effective routes for your car instead.

Junction view
Navigate more safely with fullscreen images of main motorway junctions displayed in advance.

Lane guidance
Special lane-guidance software tells you in advance which lane to use when approaching junctions so you don't get caught out.

Navigate by Junction number
The updated 'Find by map' function now includes the possibility of navigating using motorway junction numbers.

Your route
Create and save your own routes. Select the roads you would like to travel on using the map view, or search road by road. Use 'Your route' to build your own personally tailored routes.

Point of interest 'corridor' search.
Using the new 'corridor' points-of-interest search facility allows you to find points-of-interest from our extensive list which are near your pre-programmed route.

User controlled adjustable map text
Increase the size of on-screen road names and numbers, making them easier to read - for easier and safer navigation.

Route timer
Route timer can be set to alert you when you need to take a break. Input the maximum driving time allowed and set how much advanced warning time you require before your next break. The Route timer clock will keep you advised of the driving time you have left and will alert you when it's time to have a break.

FREE software updates
At Snooper we appreciate the difficulty of fast-moving technologies. A new PC or television is very quickly out of date, which is why we offer free software updates. As Snooper's Ventura technology improves over time, you can keep up, knowing you've always got the most up to date unit on the market.

TMC Traffic information technology Traffic information is gathered from thousands of vehicles and sensors across Europe, providing up-to-the-second traffic information. If there's traffic congestion on your route, the Snooper S5700 Ventura Pro can simply find a route around it.

Bluetooth Handsfree Technology
Ventura is equipped with Bluetooth Handsfree Technology so that if you have to take a phonecall whilst you are driving you can do so safely, with both hands on the steering wheel.

- Compatible with most bluetooth enabled mobile phones

Built-in MP3 player
Ventura comes complete with a built-in MP3 player and headphone socket.

Industry World 1st - Now with Built-in DVR.
Using our expertise and knowledge of Sat Navs, DVRs and Dash Cams, Snooper has created SC5700 DVR, a unique combination of our award winning navigation and DVR technology. Our latest unit automatically records and saves any vehicle incidents you may encounter negotiating Europe's vast road network. Ideal evidence for any insurance claims.

Dimensions W:135mm x H:80mm x D:12mm

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