Snooper Sapphire Plus

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Snooper Sapphire Plus

Snooper S270 GPS Speed Camera Detector System

The best GPS speed camera detector system on the market, just got better!

The Snooper Sapphire Plus is the most advanced GPS speed camera location in system in the World and for a limited period only it will come with built-in satellite navigation software covering the UK & Ireland absolutely FREE!!

Speed Camera Detectors

No one likes speed cameras but they are here to stay and rest assured, there will be more. Snooper Sapphire Plus keeps you more aware of the stretch of road you are on. It lets you know the speed limit. It alerts you to all fixed cameras including the new MCS or "The Daddy" as it is unaffectionately known. Some cameras are calibrated to activate even if you are only driving a couple of miles an hour faster than the limit. One flash and there are at least three points on your license. It only takes a couple of brief lapses in concentration and you could be facing a ban.

Snooper S280 Sapphire Plus

The Number 1 GPS speed camera detector system in Europe

The S270 Snooper Sapphire Plus is easily the most sophisticated speed camera detector on the market. Using the very lastest Sirf III GPS technology, Snooper Sapphire will work in the very worst conditions, never dropping it's signal and never missing a camera.

Sapphire Plus incorporates a super bright, full colour 2.8" LCD display so visual alerts can seen crisply and clearly. During an alert the speed camera type and speed limit are displayed accompanied by a voice alert and attention grabbing beeps.

Installation is simple. the unit has a built-in rechargable battery providing up to 4hrs use, but Snooper Sapphire Plus can also be powered as easily from the cigarette lighter socket. The unit can then be mounted on the windscreen bracket provided or mounted more permanently with an optional pro-fit mounting and hardwire kit if required.

The best speed camera alert system just got better!

In addition to being the best speed camera location system around, Sapphire Plus also comes with a FREE sat nav package covering the UK & Ireland. Including Full postcode search, turn by turn voice prompts and street level mapping provided by Navteq.

If that isn't enough Sapphire Plus also incorporates an MP3 and MP4 player and a handy photoviewer!

Snooper Sapphire Plus will provide personal alerts of the following speed traps and hazards:-

Provides advanced warning of:-

  • Gatso & Truvelo Cameras
  • Watchman
  • MCS (Multi Camera System)
  • Speedcurb
  • SPECs average speed
  • Roadwork cameras
  • DS 2
  • Accident Hotspots
  • High Risk Zones
  • Mobile Laser
  • Mobile Safety Vans
  • Temporary Gatso
  • Truvelo Cameras
  • Congestion Charge Cameras
  • Digital Cameras
  • Schools (optional)


  • Ultra-compact hand held design
  • Snooper Shot Saver
  • Street level navigation
  • Speed Camera location
  • MP3 Player
  • MP4 player
  • Photoviewer
  • 2.7" full colour LCD touch display
  • Built-in SIRF III GPS antenna
  • Full post code search
  • Turn by turn voice instructions
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • 'One touch' Home & Office route planner
  • 2D & 3D map views
  • A choice of different screen colours
  • Extensive list of Points of Interest

Product Options
Snooper Sapphire Plus S270 UK Snooper Sapphire Plus S270 UK
Speedtrap Detection and Satellite Navigation for the United Kingdom
Snooper Sapphire Plus S270 Euro Snooper Sapphire Plus S270 Euro
Speedtrap Detection and Satellite Navigation for Western Europe
Snooper Sapphire Plus S280 UK Snooper Sapphire Plus S280 UK
3-in-1 Speedtrap Alerts, Sat Nav and Golf Shot Saver. UK & Ireland mapping.
Snooper Sapphire Plus S280 Euro Snooper Sapphire Plus S280 Euro
3-in-1 Speedtrap Alerts, Sat Nav and Golf Shot Saver. European mapping.