Snooper Syrius Plus

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Snooper Syrius PlusThe all new Snooper Syrius Plus S600 has been created to provide drivers with genuinely beneficial features. Nothing has been left to chance as we designed a unit specially for every driver. Whether traveling just around the corner or the length of the country Syrius Plus will guide you there.

New & Improved
The Syrius Plus is an improved Syrius, it comes with all the features of the original Syrius but also includes additional features as well as a few minor design changes. The new features are Bluetooth hands free technology so you can answer phone calls safely while driving. The Syrius Plus also includes Multi-Route technology so if your going to various locations in one go you don't need to enter a new address at each location, you can enter them all at the start and let the Syrius Plus do all the work for you.

Multi-route technology
Snooper sat nav systems have always been the most stylish available. But they don't only look good, they deliver a performance to match.Take our new and unique Multi-route planning software. Multi-route allows you to calculate a single route around up to 10 different destinations just by adding the postcodes. No stopping and starting, struggling to find each and every address, simply your full day's travel calculated and saved in just a few seconds.

Back of the Snooper Syrius PlusBluetooth Hands free Technology
Stay on the right side of the law. Syrius Plus is equipped with Bluetooth Hands free Technology so that if you do have to take a call whilst you are on the move you can do so safely, with both hands still on the steering wheel. Also available as an optional extra is an extension microphone perfect for vehicles which generate a lot of background noise. The microphone can be installed permanently or temporarily and ensures that you will always be heard clearly. The microphone can be purchased separately for £9.99 inc vat.

Compatible with most bluetooth enabled mobile phones.

Snooper Syrius S600 at an angleAward winning Speed Camera location technology
Plus unlike most other Sat Nav systems you can update it's speed camera database 24hrs a day 365 days a year. Syrius Plus uses our unique Enigma database which is updated daily, so the second a new camera is added you can download it, because anything less than 100% cover is just not an option. Syrius Plus gets you effortlessly from A to B whilst ensuring that you get there with your license intact.

Side of Snooper Syrius PlusUp to the second updates.
Syrius uses Snooper's Enigma database ensuring that you have the most up to date speed camera data available. Whilst many ordinary sat-nav systems 'with cameras' provide you updates every 3 or 4 months, our dedicated camera data collection team update Enigma daily so the second a camera is added you can download it.

Advanced street level mapping
Recognised as the industry leader in digital street level mapping,Syrius uses Navteq data. Ensuring you are taken seamlessly from A to B on the best possible route 7 digit postcode search. To ensure the most accurate postcode search available Syrius Plus uses Ordnance Survey. The most comprehensive of it's kind.

Speedtrap Detection Chart

  Gatso Mini Gatso Laser Gun Camera Van Radar Gun Truvelo DS2 Specs Monitron
Type of Speedtrap Radar Radar Laser Laser Radar Digital Digital Digital Digital
Snooper Syrius Plus Yes Partial Partial Partial Partial Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chart Legend
YesSpeedtrap covered, alerts given.
PartialPartial coverage, only commonly used speedtrap sites.
OptionalAlerts provided by optional extra accessory.
NoSpeedtrap not covered.

View the Speedtrap detection comparison chart.

Snooper Services subscription payments

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One up-front payment of just £99.95 inc vat

Pay one payment of just £99.95 inc VAT by credit card, debit card or cheque and receive speed camera downloads for the life of the product. Please note this is non-transferable.