Snooper Truckmate S2000

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Snooper Syrius Proline S2000 TruckmateSnooper Syrius S2000 PROLINE Sat Nav System with Truckmate, the first sat nav system with dedicated routing designed specifically for trucks and large vehicles such as coaches, buses and mobile homes. The Syrius S2000 Proline with Truckmate includes FREE TMC traffic information and truck specific speed camera updates.

Truckmate is the first portable sat nav system to include dedicated routing designed specifically for trucks and large vehicles - plus Snooper's multi award winning speed camera location technology.

The Snooper S2000 Syrius Truckmate satellite navigation system has been created to provide professional drivers with genuine benefits over standard sat nav systems designed for cars.

You couldn't have missed the almost weekly press reports of a truck or large vehicle getting sent along an inappropriate route by an inept sat nav system. Almost all these stories end in disaster with the vehicle concerned stranded in a field, wedged under a bridge and even destroying property. It is reported that there has been millions of pounds worth of damage caused as drivers use portable satellite navigation systems designed for cars to navigate commercial vehicles.

The first satellite navigation system designed specifically for trucks and commercial vehicles.Low bridge warning for Commercial Vehicles and HGVs

The Snooper S2000 Syrius PROLINE satellite navigation system with TRUCKMATE has been created to provide a solution to these problems. TRUCKMATE is the first portable satellite navigation system to include dedicated routing designed specifically for trucks and large vehicles such as coaches, buses and mobile homes - plus Snooperís multi-award winning speed camera detector technology.

Go green!

As well as routing you safely and effectively to your destination, Syrius TRUCKMATE will also guide you around the most economical route. Faced with a choice of a route using a steep incline or one with more straightforward flat roads, Syrius S2000 with TRUCKMATE will select the latter. Improved fuel consumption, improved cost effectiveness

Satellite Navigation for Trucks and HGVsTRUCKMATE has the answer. This unique software will create a route based on the attributes of your particular vehicle. Simply tell the unit the size and weight of your vehicle, plus the type of load if applicable and Snooperís TRUCKMATE software will calculate a safe, truck friendly route. Routes will be calculated based on roads with adequate width and height, excluding
roads with low bridges or weight restrictions plus
many other hazards

Improved routing - no other satellite navigation system routes in the same way.

It's not just about routing to avoid hazards. Truckmate's unique routing algorithm ensures that where possible larger vehicles are only taken on appropriate roads. No other sat nav system on the market creates routes in the same way.

Snooper's Truckmate sat nav will save you £££'s in fuel and time!
Recent research has shown that a Snooper Truckmate sat nav will pay for itself and quickly. Sat nav users on average drive 16% fewer miles, which means drivers use 16% less fuel. Plus travel times are reduced by 18% on average producing fantastic cost savings at a time when every penny counts, not to mention the cost saved avoiding damage to your vehicle and property on route!

Truckmate Commercial Coverage of the United Kingdom.

Truckmates Coverage of Europpe

Car navigation.

Although Truckmate has clearly been designed to navigate trucks and larger vehicles on safe and legal roads it also incorporates a car setting. Simply switch Truckmate to car mode and it will navigate you on the most effective routes for your car instead!

FREE software & map updates!
At Snooper we understand the difficulties of fast moving technologies. No sooner have you purchased a new PC or Television and itís already out of date, thatís why we are offering free map and software updates until the Truckmate coverage is 100% in all Western European countries and Poland! As Snooperís Truckmate technology getís better and better you can keep up, knowing you have always got the most up to date unit on the market!

Warning of hazards for Trucks

Snooper Services

Snooper Services provides access to our truck specific speed camera database plus additional Low bridge data and alert.

There are 3 different easy payment methods to choose from.

Monthly - £2.99 inc vat
Quarterly - £7.99 inc vat
Annually - £29.99 inc vat

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Snooper Truckmate S2000: UK & Ireland Snooper Truckmate S2000 UK
Speedtrap Detection and Satellite Navigation for trucks.
Snooper Truckmate S2000: Europe Snooper Truckmate S2000 Euro
Speedtrap Detection and Satellite Navigation for trucks.