Talex GPS Speedtrap Detector

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
We would recommend having a look at the Novus Delta.

Talex GPS Speedtrap Detector, Features include: Warning of fixed speed camera monitoring systems. Warning of red light camera monitoring systems. Warning of possible mobile monitoring sites. Optional warning of accident black spots. Optional warning of schools. Optional warning of congestion charging zones.

How It Works
Talex is a GPS enabled Speed Camera Detector.
GPS stands for Global Positioning System, and can be used to pinpoint a position anywhere on the Earth's surface.
The Talex unit can store around 150,000 positions in its database.
The Talex unit also has an LED display on the front of the unit, which provides additional information to the voice announcements.
The Talex unit is easy to install, fixing to the dashboard using a small rubberised magnet, with a peel off sticky base. Insert the power jack into the cigar lighter, it is now ready to use.
The Talex unit is updated via the website.

Warning of fixed speed camera monitoring systems.
Warning of red light camera monitoring systems.
Warning of possible mobile monitoring sites.
Optional warning of accident black spots.
Optional warning of schools.
Optional warning of congestion charging zones.

Features of the detector
Small compact design, only 103mm (l) x 67mm (w) x 23mm (h).
Clearly announces the legal speed limit when approaching fixed camera sites.
Provides typically a 500 yard warning.
Easy Plug and Play dashboard mounting system with simple clean and easy magnetic mount system.
Bright LED text display allowing night and day operation.
Talex system.
Lightweight compact design.
2 year manufacturers warranty.

The comprehensive database
The database of all of the above detection conditions is continually updated with our professional survey team all experienced ex–traffic police officers.
Mobile sites are continually updated on a weekly basis – making more use of the GPS engine than any other unit.

The unique approach of the TALEX speed camera detection system
Downloading the latest database information on a weekly basis minimises the risks of being caught by a mobile speed camera.

The Facts
In the year 2002/2003 more than 1.5 million drivers paid 73 million in speeding offences alone.
In the year 2003/2004 this figure is expected to increase to 3 million drivers providing over 180 million of fine revenue.
Just two speeding endorsements are likely to cost between 700 and 1,500 extra in insurance premiums over the following five years.
30,000 people lost their licences during 2002 through the totting up system having accumulated 12 points on their licences.
In a recent Fleet News survey involving more than 200 companies, the fourth most important issue facing fleets is that of speeding and speed cameras. Health and safety ranked as the most important issue.
In a recent Fleet News health and safety survey 15.8% of fleet operators said a driver had been banned for motoring offences in the past year.
Almost 30% of the UK’s 2.8 million company car drivers have points on their licences, nearly double that of the average driver.

Speed Cameras the facts:
There are over 5000 fixed speed camera sites in the UK.
There are estimated to be over 250 mobile speed camera units operating at almost 3000 possible sites in the UK.

The true impact on yourself
3 points on your licence for each speeding offence as a minimum.
12 points within three years leads to an automatic driving ban.
This in turn could affect your ability to work and ultimately your livelihood.
With two speeding endorsements your insurance premiums could increase on average between 28% to 44%.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Are Speed Camera Detectors Legal?
A.Yes TALEX is 100% legal to use and own.

Q.Do I need a Radar/Laser Detector as well?
A.The traditional method for detecting mobile cameras is to use radar/laser detectors. With TALEX the driver can be warned in advance of possible active mobile camera sites, whether there is a camera operating or not. This unique approach creates greater driver awareness and allows more time to adjust the speed of your vehicle if necessary.

Recent announcements in the Press have indicated that the Government intends to outlaw the use of Speed camera detection equipment that actively detect if a particular camera site is operational or not. Talex is an entirely passive system based purely upon the proximity of the vehicle to a known camera location / accident black-spot / school etc. This approach is entirely acceptable within the current understanding of the Government proposal.

Q.How does TALEX know where the cameras are?
A.We at Talex are constantly monitoring the agencies that decide on the positioning of cameras, as well as having our own team of surveyors constantly monitoring and updating the database

Q.If TALEX can tell me where the cameras are, can it also tell me the speed limit?
A.When TALEX alerts you to a fixed speed camera position it will also inform you of the speed limit at the site. In the case of mobile sites TALEX will also inform you of the speed limit where possible. Some mobile sites have varying speed limits.

Q.How do I update my TALEX SYSTEM?
A.You can update your TALEX system regularly using software downloaded at registration via your PC. You will need a PC with windows 98 or above to download the software. If you have no Serial DB9 connector on your PC you may require a DB9 to USB adapter.

Q.How do I fit my TALEX?
A.Simply stick the magnetic pad to the top of the dashboard and the TALEX will sit on top of the magnet via its metallic base. Connect the power lead from the cigar socket to the TALEX and the system will instantly power up and is ready for use.

Q.Does Talex work in all vehicles?
A.Talex will work in vehicles with +12v or +24v power systems. It will not work in vehicles with metalised windscreens as used by Renault and some Peugeot and Citroen models.

Q.Does Talex work behind metalised windscreens?
A.Metalised windscreen to reflect UV rays. This type of windscreen also blocks GPS signals entering the vehicle, rendering internal GPS products inoperable.

Talex GPS speedtrap detector.