Wireless fitting kit for Target LT400

Sorry, this product is no longer available.

Ever wished laser systems didn’t have all that installation hassle?

Struggling with running cables from the engine bay, through the firewall and into the car, getting up behind the dashboard, removing trim panels and drilling holes for LED’s in your nice new dashboard can take a half a day on some cars.

Can we suggest you take the wireless route and avoid an hour or so of scraped knuckles?

This wireless fitting kit includes everything you need for a complete, hassle free install of the LT400 vehicle transponder.


  • Easy installation
  • No tricky hardwiring
  • No drilling
  • No difficult cable runs
  • No permanent fittings
  • Makes it much easier to swap the LT400 system between cars

In the box

    1 x LASERnode wireless transmitter
    1 x Connector cable for LT400
    1 x POWERSENSEnode - Cheetah's unique automatic power supply unit
    1 x Battery connector
    1 x AUDIOnode - warning unit with cigar plug power lead

Light Node

Audio Node