The Radar Detector Shop has celebrated it's 10th year in 2011. From humble beginnings in 2001 the company has grown from strength to strength, basing the business on the best advice and service combined with the most competitive prices.

In that time we have seen other radar detector and speedtrap detector companies come and go and we have stuck to our policy of making sure that the customer gets what they need within their budget. Giving best advice is paramount to what we do, and this has seen us through 10 years of stiff competition, which largely has now dissappeared.

In it's first years marketing the Snooper, Bel, Blinder, Target, and Cobra range of products and then adding the Morpheous and Road Angel ranges to our stocks. Since then we have added Origin Technologies, Talex, Cheetah, Road Pilot, Pogo and Novus plus many others to the ranges.
Selling each product on it's merits combined with the needs of the customer has ensured that customer after customer has got what they needed and hopefully kept a clean licence as well as driving safer through accident blackspots or areas of high risk.

Products have included in the early days the Bel 550, Bel 330, Snooper 715, Snooper S5, Snooper 815 then onto the GPS devices starting with the Morpheous Geodesy and then onto Road Angel, Origin B2 and Talex.

The Radar Detector Shop was one of the first to market the Road Angel products starting with the Classic and then the New Road Angel, Road Angel Plus, Road Angel Compact and onto the new range of Road Angel Connected products which are now available. Snooper have also been constantly improving and updating their range since moving into the GPS side of the market and have come up with some very niche products such as the Snooper Sapphire Plus S280 which is not only a GPS speedtrap detector and Sat Nav but also combines that with golfing information for golf courses.

As well as radar and GPS types of detectors we have also been able to advise on the laser diffuser and jammer products, which will allow you you to check your speed in a situation where you may have ventured into an accident blackspot which has not been properly signed before being hit with a laser.

From the most basic Gatso radar speedtrap detectors to the most sophisticated GPS, GPRS and Laser capable equipment we have been able to give the best advice on all these products and have seen other sellers of radar detector products come and go in the past 10 years.

Thank you to each and everyone of our 30,000(and counting)customers, we look forward to the next 10 years.

With so many speedtraps going up all over the country and so many different products available give the Radar Detector Shop a call.

0161 355 1275

There is now another side to the company dealing in performance parts, which can be found at www.k300performance.co.uk.