Radar-GPS-Laser Devices and Gun Comparison Chart

Speed Detection Devices Used By UK Police - Comparative Effectiveness
Device Type
Detection Method
Number In Use (Approx)
% of Total Prosecutions (Approx)
Radar/Laser Detectors Effective (eg Bel 550)
GPS Unit Effective (eg Talex)
Laser Pro Park
Gatso Radar, K Band 5,000 65% Yes Yes No
Mini Gatso (Portable) Mini Gatso (Portable) Radar, K Band 500 1% Yes No No
Laser Gun Laser Gun Laser 2500 10% Yes Yes Yes
Camera Vans Camera Vans Laser 1000 15% Yes Yes Yes
Radar Gun Radar Gun Radar, K Band 250 1% Yes No No
Truvelo / Speedcurb Truvelo / Speedcurb Inductive Loop (Two Wires In The Road Forward Facing Speed Camera) 600 5% No Yes No
DS2 / Speedmaster DS2 / Speedmaster Portable Truvelo - 3 Rubber hoses in road. Autovision is permanent version 100 1% No Yes No
SPECS SPECS Visual Recognition 25 (Mainly Motorway roadworks Very Expensive To Install) 1% No Yes No
Vascar Vascar Video and Time Distance Measurement In Police Car known as VASCAR 500 Decreasing As Time Consuming To Use 1% No No No
Monitron Monitron Sensors embedded in the road, picture taken is digital and electronically sent to police when full. Very few at present but are replacing Gatsos N/A
Due to number in use and newness of device
No Yes No

Typical Purchase Costs

Devices include: Bel 550, Talex, Road Angel, Origin b2, Micro Road Pilot etc.

£299 Auto-Express Best Buy
£249 Auto-Express Best Buy Mar 05, NOW ONLY £149
Annual Subscription Costs
None £29-£49
Designed For European Use
Yes No Yes
Radar/Laser Detectors Approx 92% Effective
GPS Units Approx 97% Effective (Assuming updated regularly)
Laser Pro Park 100% effective against laser speed detection devices.
Figures best estimate at time of going to press. Jan 2006.