Why use the Radar Detector Shop

The Radar Detector Shop has been the only company in the UK whose employees have specialised solely on speedtrap detection equipment consistenly since 1997 to the present day.
Because of this our customers benefit from the vast knowledge that we have acquired over the years relating to speedtraps, radar, laser and all the best devices that can help a driver avoid the dreaded speeding ticket from dropping on the floor.

Of course because of the nature and development of the product we now also have avast knowledge of the sat nav products as well.

  Here is a summary of why we have become the best in the business.
Unequalled pre-sales advice
You will not find anybody else in this industry who will be able to give you the same level of advice regarding these products.
Our delivery times
We offer next day delivery as standard. This delivery will normally be made by Royal Mail Special Delivery within 24 hours(1 working day). If it is a trade order or for some other reason it may be by courier.
Only genuine UK approved products
We are committed to selling only genuine UK approved products which comply fully with EU legislation.
Delivery at your place of work
We can offer delivery to alternative addresses as long as they are verifiable.
Site security
We use the latest 128bit encryption to ensure your details are protected when shopping online. Because of our security whether placing an order online or on the phone we are proud to say that we have never in our history had a customer complain that their credit card has been used for fraud due to dealing with us. We also ensure that any credit card details given to us can be verified to the address given, this protects your credit card. Any person attempting to use a card fraudulently will have their details passed on to the relevant authorities.
Fraudsters, you have been warned.
UK based sales and support office
The number listed(0161 355 1275) is based in the UK and you will always be able to speak to an English speaking person within the UK. You will never be put through to a call centre abroad or have to go through an automated response system. This ensures that you get the best possibe service along with the best possible advice.

Extended opening hours
Even out of normal business office hours we will endeavour to be available to give pre-sales advice and take orders so that you get what you need at the earliest possible time with as little fuss as possible.
Whilst email is an optional method of communication, you can call on 0161 355 1275 during our opening hours:
Sales : Monday to Sunday - 8am to 10pm
Support : Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm

Support promise
We expect that our products will give good and long service, however if the unforseen should happen, help and support is available through normal working hours for our customers and we are usually able to give initial support for problems that may occurr. If we cannot help we will be able to offer other support opportunities.
Newsletters for customers
Periodic newsletter including information on new products new laws and legislation and anything else that we find that could affect your driving or licence.